Hangzhou Black Horse New Materials Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty carbon black in China. Factory is located in Shanxi province, with a total annual capacity of 18,000MT, including furnace carbon black 14, 000 MT/Year, gas process carbon black 3,000MT/Year, and surface special treated carbon black 1,000MT/Year. We are in the strongest position ever to provide our customers with the most stable quality, quantity and the most competitive price.



  • High jetness grade mainly for automotive paint, industrial paint, powder coating, decorative paint, pigment paste, plastic,toner.

  • Medium and regular jetness carbon black series for general purpose including water based and solvent based paint, powder coating,wood paint, interier and exterior wall paint.

  • Commonly used in offset ink, gravure ink, flexo ink, screen ink,glass ink,UV ink, inkjet ink,water based ink.

  • Medium and general carbon black for plastic masterbatch,cable wire,pipe,- film, molding.

  • High purity carbon black with excellent performance in PET,PP,BCF fibre application.

  • Very blue undertone carbon black for tinting purpose in coating,ink, and plastic, pigment dispersion, replacement of lamp black.