High Jetness Series for Automotive and Industrial Coating Application

High jetness grade mainly for automotive paint, industrial paint, powder coating, decorative paint, pigment paste, plastic,toner.

Recommend Grades:

BH200W BH120 BH121 BH122 BH300 BH301

General Purpose Carbon Black for Paint &Coating

Medium and regular jetness carbon black series for general purpose including water based and solvent based paint, powder coating,wood paint, interier and exterior wall paint.

Recommend Grades:

BH302T BH100 BH80 BH601
BH602 BH6200 BH6300 BH6900

Carbon Black for Ink

Commonly used in offset ink, gravure ink, flexo ink, screen ink,glass ink,UV ink, inkjet ink,water based ink.

Recommend Grades:

BH300 BH302T BH100 BH40 BH50
BH601 BH602 BH6200 BH6300

Carbon Black for Plastic & Sealant

High jetness black for engineering plastic

High tinting strength and jetness carbon black for engineering plastic, plastic masterbatch

Recommend Grades:

BH1000 BH10 BH20

Medium blackness products for masterbatch

Medium and general carbon black for plastic masterbatch,- cable wire,pipe,film, molding.

Recommend Grades:

BH30 BH70 BH80 BH6700
BH6800 BH6900

Carbon black specially for sealant

High quality carbon black specially for sealant application,including silicone sealant, PU sealant and other types of sealant.

Recommend Grades:

BH5200 BH6200 BH6700 BH6800

High purity carbon black for fibre

High purity carbon black with excellent performance in PET,PP,BCF fibre application.

Recommend Grades:

BH7100 BH7200

Carbon Black for Other Application

Bule tone carbon black

Very blue undertone carbon black for tinting purpose in coating,ink, and plastic, pigment dispersion, replacement of lamp black.

Recommend Grades:

BH6600 BH707

Carbon black for
leather pigment paste

High blackness carbon black for pigment paste for leather coating, pigment dispersion.

Recommend Grades:

BH200W BH120 BH121 BH122
BH300 BH1000 BH10 BH20

Carbon black for
waterbased pigment paste

Regular blackness, good dispersing carbon black for waterbased pigment paste for paint, textile printing.

Recommend Grades:

BH30 BH80 BH90 BH6200 BH6900

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